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Rejuvenate your home with quality bathroom renovations in Adelaide

At Melrose Constructions we are renowned for our exceptional bathroom renovations in Adelaide. With more than 20 years of experience in the industry, we have transformed countless bathrooms across Adelaide. Our team of professional trades is committed to bringing your dream bathroom designs to life. Whether your bathroom needs to simply be remodelled or requires a complete overhaul, our team can do it for you. We take care of the bathroom renovation process from start to finish and ensure you are left with a high quality finish. We manage all the trades in between and are renowned for relieving the stress during a renovation.

It is our mission to make your bathroom vision a reality. Our designers work alongside you to learn exactly what you require from your new bathroom. Whether you would like a sleek and sophisticated modern bathroom or prefer a more traditional look, it’s up to you. Whatever your tastes and requirements are, we are dedicated to creating a bathroom that will fulfil your needs. We have earned ourselves a reputation for building visually pleasing bathrooms that function perfectly.

We adhere to strict waterproofing regulations in Adelaide

Waterproofing is essential to protect the structure of your house from moisture. It is not only carried out in bathrooms but also other parts of the house that have wet areas including kitchens and laundries. Using membrane and coating, we create a barrier around the walls and floors that keeps water out.

There are strict Australian Standards and Building Code regulations regarding waterproofing in Adelaide. When it comes to the bathroom, in order for a home to comply with regulations the following must happen:

The entire floor of the shower and up to 1800mm of the walls must be water proofed. Regular walls in the bathroom must also be waterproofed up until 150mm.

The whole floor must be waterproofed if the bathroom floor is either on the second story or higher, or if there is wood in the bathroom floor.

The above are the minimum waterproofing requirements, however, you can also go beyond these. If you require, areas like the toilet, vanity unit and bath, they can also be waterproofed.

Luxury portable bathroom hire in Adelaide

At Melrose Constructions we are all about making your bathroom renovations Adelaide stress free. Unfortunately, bathroom renovations can disturb your everyday activities. To minimize the disturbance, we provide the option of a on-site luxury portable bathroom.

The Bianco luxury portable bathroom is a convenient and cost effective solution when you are renovating. In no time, the bathroom is easily installed without assistance from tradesmen. The bathroom is simply attached to your water, sewer and power supply and operates just like your normal bathroom. The portable bathroom offers a full size shower, dual flush toilet, vanity with mirror, light, power point, heating, exhaust fan, robe hooks, towel rail and clothes rack.

If you are interested in finding out more about our bathroom renovations Adelaide, phone our friendly staff today on 0412 847 812. We offer free measure, quote and ideas and look forward to discussing your bathroom renovations with you.

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