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The popularity of outdoor kitchens in Adelaide only seems to be growing. This relatively new trend doesn’t show any signs of stopping with the demand continuing to rise over the last few years. The decision to build an outdoor kitchen really is a lifestyle choice more than anything. If you love entertaining and want to enhance your outdoor area, an outdoor kitchen is an obvious addition. At Melrose Constructions, we are renowned for building high quality outdoor kitchens that integrate a range of special features at an affordable price.

Tip when deciding on an outdoor renovation design


Select resilient materials

One of the most important things to consider when building an outdoor kitchen is the material you use. In order for your outdoor kitchen to stand the test of time, it must incorporate durable materials that will withstand the weather. We suggest utilizing materials like slate, tile, stone, granite, render and stainless steel as they are highly durable.

Consider light and air

When you cook outside you need to consider light and air. To increase the hours you spend cooking outdoors, it’s important to select the lights wisely. Above the eating and cooking area you will need overhead lights. There are a range of different lights to choose from including pendant lights and recessed cans. Another useful addition is a ceiling fan, which makes your outdoor kitchen more comfortable by allowing fresh air to flow through.

Protect your investment

When designing an outdoor kitchen you must consider the placement of the most important elements. These essentials include the type of cooking surface you want to include in your kitchen. You should place these items where they are most protected from the weather elements.

Select appliances that are small

Unlike your regular kitchen, your outdoor one does not need to equip your family for the whole week. Instead it usually needs to accommodate just one meal. Therefore, you can select small space appliances that will fit compactly within your outdoor kitchens. The great thing is, they won’t take up much room and they will utilise less energy.

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