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Enhance your home with quality tiling in Adelaide

These days, tiles are being utilised throughout Adelaide homes. No longer do tiles just remain in the bathroom but they spread right across the entire house and even into the outdoors. With so many different tiling options to choose from, tiles are becoming the most popular flooring option in Adelaide. And it’s not difficult to see why tiles are so popular, with tiled flooring being extremely durable and resistant to stains, wearing and water.

The benefits of floor tiles for your Adelaide home

Tiles are also very easy to maintain and care for. Unlike carpeting that holds onto dirt and needs to be professionally cleaned once or twice a year, tiling is not so high maintenance. If you spill something on your tiles, it can simply be wiped up and doesn’t leave a stain. Furthermore, many tiling options including ceramic and vinyl tiles don’t require any special cleaning solutions. All you need is a bucket of water, a mop and a mild cleaning solution and you’re ready to go.

Design flexibility and versatility are other reasons why tiles are so on trend. From ceramic, to porcelain, to vinyl, the options are endless when selecting tiles. Tiles also come in a extensive range of colours, shapes, patterns and sizes to choose from. Ultimately, when you choose tiles in Adelaide, you will something to suit and complement your style.

We are the professionals in tiles in Adelaide

At Melrose Constructions we specialise in laying tiles in Adelaide. We lay tiles throughout homes and commercial properties including outside. If you are not sure what type of tile you want, our specialists can help with the selection. We have an extensive knowledge about tiles and can help you incorporate floor tiles, wall tiles and mosaics into your design. Clients are able to make their own selection of tiles and bathroomware, as they wish. However, we do recommend Affordable tiles and Novelli for bathroomware. We have a strong partnership with these companies and can help you get a good price with our buying power.

To find out more about our best tiling in Adelaide, contact our friendly staff today on 0412 847 812.

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